The arrangement


Happy Dog Home Boarding is a one-man operation near Cromer offering a domestic alternative to boarding kennels. Instead of taking your dog to a kennels when you go away you leave it with me at my house, where it continues to enjoy the sort of life it has with you.


This corner of the kitchen-diner is one place where a dog's bed or basket can go. There are other places in this room, and other rooms, that can be used for other dogs. Happy Dog Home Boarding, Norfolk
French windows lead into the back garden, which is fully enclosed
If I am working in the garage or front garden, which is not enclosed, I might attach dogs’ leads to a rope so they can be with me out there Happy Dog Home Boarding, Norfolk: front garden
The house is on a cul-de-sac which branches into two paths, both leading straight to good walking country Happy Dog Home Boarding, Norfolk: cul-de-sac

Food and paraphernalia

Owners usually bring everything their dog will need, although I do have leads, bedding and a supply of treats and chews. I also have collar tags engraved with my contact details.


I try to apply any rules owners ask me to, otherwise I treat their dogs as I would my own. I give dogs treats only as rewards and give them only their own food; they never share mine. (See a disappointed Ralph in Dogologue 4.)

Allowed or not allowed? You tell me and I will apply your rule. Happy Dog Home Boarding, Norfolk: sofa


I usually give dogs two walks a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. If a walk has to be short for some reason it will be a twenty-minute circuit of footpath, field and footpath. Often it will be longer, sometimes much longer. Walks can be local or start with a short car journey, e.g. to a favourite beach, path or wood.

For a dog's first walk I keep it on the lead while we get to know each other. After this, if it comes when called at home, I try letting it off the lead on walks. Dogs that don't reliably come back when called stay on the lead when we are out and do their running around in the garden.

Care style

I love dogs and like to think I am reasonably sensitive to their moods and needs. I am happy to give a dog plenty of attention and happy to leave it alone. Most dogs seem to feel at home with me quite quickly.

Dogs generally have the run of the ground floor of the house, though I might shut them in the kitchen for a rest period now and then. 

When I have to go out and leave dogs behind I shut them in their rooms (generally the kitchen or scullery). I try never to leave them for more than three hours at a time and rarely need to do so.


Of course I prefer it if a dog will walk to heel, come when called and be generally well-behaved but these are not absolute requirements. All I ask is that anything special about a dog is mentioned before it comes to stay.

As they would wish to do anyway, I ask first-time customers to bring their dogs for a visit before I book them in. It gives me a chance to observe the dog while the owners tell me about it and means that the dog will not will not be on unknown territory when it first comes to stay.

When owners leave their dogs with me they need to give me their contact details or someone else's, tell me which vet they use and bring the dog's vaccination certificates.



Over 24 hours: £21 per day (£37 for two dogs from the same home)

Up to 24 hours: £25 (£44 for two dogs from the same home)


I am happy to continue the house-training of dogs that still need it but apply a surcharge to reflect the time taken up by the training process.

If house-trained dogs forget themselves on their first day I forgive them; if they slip up too often after this I appreciate it if owners will pay a little extra to reflect the time and trouble spent cleaning up.

I appreciate it if owners are willing to put something towards the cost of repairing or replacing anything damaged by their dog.

Late cancellations

If a stay is cancelled between seven and two days before its start date, I ask owners to pay half of what it would have cost. If it is cancelled less than 48 hours before, I ask for three-quarters.

Opening hours

Other commitments permitting, I am open for dogs to be dropped off or collected from 06:30 to 18:30 seven days a week.

Find out more

To find out more, view the dogologues or get in touch.