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Roxy, a labrador-mastiff cross, was six months old when she came to stay
It's nice to get down to a puppy's level from time to time
Right down!

Indie and Roxy

Exploring the garden
Saying hello to Poppy and Jasper (see Dogologue 2)
Christmas Day in the morning


Wow! This was a muscle dog all right.
But poor Frazer was blind in one eye and could only see a bit through the other one so he kept bumping into things, often with a loud clunk
He was a great jumper though

Indie and Frazer

Indie and Frazer had met before Frazer was booked in so I was not surprised when he challenged her ...
or when she stood her ground
Soon they came to terms ...
and rubbed along fine ...
ending up firm friends

Oscar V.

It is always a pleasure to see Oscar, back this time for his seventh stay
Splendid isolation is well and good ...
but less fun than running with another dog
Happy to lead the way!

Oscar V. and Harry

Harry (see Dogologue 1) joined us for the weekend ...
which gave them both a bit of extra exercise
Can we come back in now please?

 Harry and Pete

Harry and Pete happened to coincide again, as in Dogologue 1 ...
and enjoyed each other's company
You take the high road
Pete was twice his previous size, though still a puppy
Harry's favourite programme, All Creatures Great and Small

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