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Ralph is a Jack Russell strongly suspected of being part-Dachshund
A feisty beast he is
Are you there?
Dream on!

Ralph and Ziva

We were joined by Ziva for the weekend
As usual when dogs from different homes might share, we had arranged for them to meet before the second booking was confirmed, to check compatibility
They were fine


Then came Pip. mainly Yorkshire terrier
He did not appear to be the most stressed of dogs
Full of life, Pip seemed to bounce along, as here pursued by Harry (see Dogologues 1 and 3), who came back for a day
How do you do?

Coco and Bella

These two came for the weekend. I kept trying to think whose hairstyle Coco's reminded me of: Brian May circa 1978?
Trotting to and fro
Their preferred configuration when chilling out: one on top of the other

Lottie and Lizzie

Next were Lottie and Lizzie ...
two delightful dogs
The puppy played ...
while the other looked philosophically on
Dogs or cushions? It was sometimes hard to tell


Wallace was ball mad ...
outdoors and in
Wallace, really! If it wasn't for that polythene bag ...

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