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Pete (see also Dogologues 1 and 3) loved this field. Unfortunately I think that was a crop so technically we were trespassing.
Returning to legality
A noble profile
Going for the ball (in a different field now, quite legitimate!)

Wallace and Pete

These two had been introduced before they were booked in together so we were confident they would get on
(see Wallace by himself in Dogologue 4)
Once Pete had got Wallace to start chasing him round the garden they became playmates rather than just cohabitees
Usually it was the Staffie that won the ball but this time the collie got there first. Actually the collie often got there first before losing the ball when it bounced off his nose.
Best behaviour

Betty and others

Betty came for a few days, sharing with various others
All advance!

Lottie and Lizzie

When Lottie and Lizzie came back (they are first shown in Dogologue 4) ...
Pete was still with me, so Lizzie made a new playmate for him
The older generation remained aloof

Pete and Indie

Pete's head must have been spinning when Indie arrived (see her first in Dogologues 2 and 3): she was the fifth dog he'd shared with in two weeks.
High tide


Alone, Indie could doze in peace ...
or keep a watchful eye on all around her
We'd been walking for an hour when this was taken and that was enough for Indie. She is the dot in the middle, sitting down insisting on a rest.

Coco and Bella

It was a pleasure to see these two again, back for a week this time (they are first shown in Dogologue 4)
No, I didn't train her to bring my slippers, I limped around with one on trying to get the other one back!
Bella races through the mist with Skye (see more of Skye in Dogologue 6)


Next was Chips ...
a good-natured and affectionate spaniel

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