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Skye was nearly six months old when she came to stay ...
and just as gorgeous as she looks
Tête à tête

Skye and others

Skye was with me for over three weeks so shared with several others. Here it was all aboard for Felbrigg ...
where the dogs found something of great interest to them all: cowpats unfortunately!
Afternoon promenade with Chips (see Dogologue 5)
Say cheese!
Playing with Lizzie
  Breakfast at the Clifftop Café, Overstrand
Various brief encounters

Stanley and Eddie

Stanley seemed rather shy ...
but was happy to follow Eddie's lead ...
though Eddie himself was no bigger than some of Skye's toys

Lottie and Lizzie

Enjoying the sun (see these two also in Dogologues 4 and 5)
Ready to chew
Under investigation


I kept Pip on the lead on his first day while I tried to remember how good he was at coming back
Of course, he was fine (as in Dogologue 4)
Pride of place

Lottie, Lizzie and Pip

Eyes down, eyes up
When we ran into a neighbour with his two it was like a convention for small dogs  
All crashed out

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