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I had to clamp down on Ralph's table-top siestas (see also Dogologue 7) ...
so banished him to ground level
He got over it

Molly and Sophie

This pair came for a week
The same ...
but different

Molly and Sophie with others

We were joined by Archie and Jaffa (first seen in Dogologue 1) for a few days ...
and then by little Seb (see Dogologues 7 and 8) ...
so made quite a troupe

Ralph and Bentley

These two, from different homes (see above and other dogologues), shared for a few days and played endlessly ...
with the occasional pause for breath
"What about me?" says Bentley


Stotty stayed for a few days this time (see also Dogologue 9)


Maisie, a sweet Jack Russell pup ...
came for the odd day


Freddie was my first lurcher ...
one that looked very like a greyhound
While out with Callie (see below) we came across this colossal English mastiff


It was spaniels and slippers again (see Dogologue 5)
A working cocker, Callie roved far and wide on walks but always came back
Good girl!


Posing for the cover of his first album?
With Callie, being made a fuss of by a passer-by
Time for a snooze

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