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Alfie M.

A Jack Russell, like Ralph and Maisie in Dogologue 10


It was a pleasure to see Skye again (see Dogologue 6)
On a roll
With Lily (see below)


Stotty, previously shown in Dogologues 9 and 10, came back when his owner dashed off to meet a new grandchild
With Skye

Muffin B.

Muffin was with me for a week
A very likeable been-there, done-it type of dog

Alfie and Lily T.

Relaxing here, these Bichon Frises were generally lively ...
and affectionate


This one came at short notice without having visited first -- fortunately he settled straight away


The baby beckoned again (see above) ...
so it was back to me for Stotty

Poppy and Jasper

These two, first seen in Dogologue 2, made themselves comfortable ...
wherever they could


Lizzie came for a month this time so shared with quite a few others: see below

Lizzie and others

She soon made friends with Stotty
DIY in mind
Callie the cocker, Seb the poo and Lizzie the cockerpoo
Admiring the view with Muffin
Skye and her attendants
Sniffing a lamp-post is the dog equivalent of reading the local paper, says Stanley Coren in How Dogs Think
With Louis, waiting in the front garden
"Were you thinking of taking us for a walk?"
Result, he did!
Level crossing
Three of them zonked out

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