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Racing over the beach to meet another dog
Ready to come indoors

For more of Skye see e.g. Dogologue 11


Taking a dip in the briny deep


Making the bed
Asking for attention
Just a portrait

See Harry also in e.g. Dogologue 8

Willow and others

Amber joined us for a day (see her also in Dogologue 2) ...
and Lizzie (see several previous dogologues) with her new sister Flora joined us for another
Model behaviour at the Clifftop Café


It's nice that dogs don't know how good-looking they are
Stotty surveys the scene -- one that seems to have escaped the camera

See this dog also in e.g. Dogologue 11

Pub Freddie

Pub Freddie came on a spontaneous play-date: he got on so well with Stotty when they met at the Foundry Arms, where he lives, that I offered to take him back to mine so they could continue playing ...
which they did for several hours before retiring exhausted


Pull, pull, pull!
Dog goes into a bar
Looking for another tug of war

Mouche and Stotty

These two got on like a house on fire
The kitchen, the beach, the garden: the world was their playroom
What now?


Pondering the scene at Cromer
On the beach

See Seb also in Dogologue 10 and others


Festive Monty
Monty the bedouin


It's always nice to look after Pip, an easy-going and agreeable dog

See him also in e.g.
Dogologue 6

Alfie P.

This is Alfie P's first appearance in a dogologue although he had come for a day earlier in the year
This time he coincided with Seb, Monty and Pip: see them together below

The last four together

Monty and Alfie P. start getting to know each other
The poodles getting on
Pip and Alfie on the ridge above West Runton

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