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Topsy was my first Norfolk terrier -- about time since we are in Norfolk
An affectionate and cuddleable dog ...
at nine she was entitled to every home comfort


Indie came for Christmas again, the first of six dogs who stayed for about two weeks
See her last Christmas in Dogologues 2 and 3 or more recently in Dogologue 12


Next was Pete, who loves the water (as in Dogologue 5) ...
and dreams of catching ducks

Alfie U.

Then came Alfie U, a gentle and faithful dog ...
always up for a walk despite some stiffness in the joints ...

Bella and Coco

and the long-suffering Bella, who acted as a bench for Coco (as in Dogologue 4)
That's funny -- I could have sworn I heard the postman, but there was nothing on the doormat!

Alfie P.

Alfie P. busies himself with a bottle ...
and indulges his addiction to the telly (see him also in Dogologue 13)

The last six together

Pete and Indie run through the shallows
Five of them ready for a walk (Alfie P. had yet to join us)
We had some cultural outings ...
sometimes travelling by car ...
and some quick dips ...
with plenty of local walks ...
and lazy evenings
Treat time

Harry, Bentley and Spoodle

These three, from different homes, came for the weekend.

This is Harry, seen previously in e.g. Dogologues 8 and 13.
Here's Bentley, as in Dogologues 9 and 10 ...
and Spoodle, still quizzical as in Dogologue 12
Inside it was nice and warm
Outside, nice and cold!

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