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Skye came back looking very slender after a recent clip: compare her with last time
Being gregarious she particularly enjoyed our walks when Spoodle was around


Pete again, in the sea again (see also e.g. Dogologues 5 and 14)
On the way down


At sixteen Muddle set a new age record for me (see the previous holder, Hattie)
Ploughing a lonely furrow


A new, slimline Stotty after a visit to the barber (see him last time) ...
but his face and ears were left shaggy


Freddie was as sweet and docile as ever (see him previously in Dogologues 10 and 12)

Lizzie and Flora

These two returned after their short stay a few weeks before (see Dogologue 13)
Drying Lizzie
A ball of fluff named Flora


Muddle with Nessa, who came for a short stay
Another bright afternoon on the beach
Just relaxing
In the garden


Harry contemplates a dish of chillies (see him previously in many Dogologues from 1 to 14


Seb, previously seen in e.g. Dogologue 13, came back for a few days ...


as did Whirlwind Pete (see him also above on this page) ...

Lily and Alfie

and these two, previously shown in Dogologue 11 

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