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Betty and Pickle

An agreeable pair, staying for their first time
Just about room for two!


Another first-timer, Murphy came while the younger dogs from his family went to kennels
A bit vague and wobbly but well up to a trot round the garden


Yet another new customer, Dutch was like most cocker spaniels ...

Indie and Chilli

Indie (see e.g. Dogologues 5, 12 and 14) came back with her new "sister", a little scrap called Chilli ...
who seemed to have taken years off her
Everybody wanted a piece of Chilli ...


Two beagly bottoms
Interested in that toy!


Posing in the garden and in front of a beautifully worked potato field

See Skye previously here, here and here.


Lovely Pete! See him also in e.g. Dogologue 15

Bentley A.

A philosophical Staffie, with me for the first time

Bentley F.

This Bentley made a little house for himself behind a jacket hung on a chair

See this sweet dog also in e.g. Dogologues 9 and 10 and below

Muffin S.

Happy Muffin came back -- see her first in Dogologue 16


Skye and Pete in the water ...
and on dry land
Pete and Bentley A. hit it off
There's a puppy in there somewhere
Out walking
Coming back

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