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Ziva E.

Lovely Ziva, an Australian sheepdog-lab cross
Like Growler (see Dogologue 12 and below on this page), a great carrier-about of things in her mouth


Back for his first time since Dogologue 10, Ralph wonders if he's going to be left behind in the garage
Walking with friends
More interested in a distant woof-woof than the nearby chuff-chuff

Oscar, Luna and Anya

Three rather magnificent weimerarners ...
who always seemed to have, or need, a purpose
Two of them at rest

Ralph and the weimerarners

Ralph socialised happily with the bigger dogs ...
one of whom became a particular playmate


It was nice to have Pip back (seen previously in e.g. Dogologues 4 and 13)
Looking this way and that


Sweet Alfie again (see him also in Dogologue 14)
Something a bit different


Back for a short stay Spoodle (right -- see also Dogologues 12 and 14) let Pip share her favourite chair


Pip overlapped with Ralph for a day ...
before sharing with Alfie for two weeks ...
very happily

Burt and Cece

A dachsund crossed with something-or-other, and a Cairn terrier


Back came solid, lovely Growler
An exciting sight, which I think he missed
Enjoying the company of Millie, who came for a day
In a sea of broad beans

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