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I was never that keen on greyhounds but Nana converted me
Like Freddie the lurcher she was lovely to look at ...
and very sweet-natured


Bargains galore at the car boot
Wading in

See Dutch also in Dogologue 17


I was happy to play Tintin to Leo's Snowy for ten days
He didn't come up to you and ask for attention, just rolled over and waited for you to provide it

Leo and others

With Growler on the cliffs at Cromer
With Nana at home
With Dutch in a nearby field

Muffin B.

Climbing the steps
Curled up nice and snug
An audience in the bathroom

See Muffin B. previously in Dogologue 11


In the driving seat

Descending to the beach at Cromer
Appearing to ask whether I really want to weed that bed of onions

See Spoodle also in Dogologues 12, 14 and 18

Dutch again

Back for the day


Another keen car-booter, like Bullseye (in Dogologue 9) and Dutch (second on this page)
Hello again!

See Murphy previously in Dogologue 17


Gulliver came for the first time
He could move!

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