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Luna and Oscar N.

Two of the weimeraners that had come before (see Dogologue 18) returned for a long weekend
The third had to go elsewhere as she'd unexpectedly come into season

Ziva E.

Ziva also came for her second stay, as good-natured, affectionate ...
and ball-mad as ever (see Dogologue 18)



Spoodle and Ziva ready to come back in
Ziva with Gulliver on the beach
Gulliver with the weimerarners
Murphy looks on from a distance

Muffin A.

This Muffin was a first-timer, with me for a day

I seem to specialise in Muffins: see others here and here

For more cockerpoos see here, here and here


After coming for a day not long before, Jake was back for a longer stay
On the coastal path
Investigating Muffin

Boudie and Mac

Boudie (short for Boudicca) and Mac (named after a computer, so his owner said) came for a week
In harness
Applying for admission, like Ziva and Spoodle, above


Always nice to have Dutch around (see him previously in Dogologues 17 and 19)
Stretched out


Back for a short stay, Hattie seemed to prefer a larger dog's bed to her own little hutch

See Hattie previously here


Among the grass ...
and then the hay

See Harry also in e.g. Dogologue 16


More relaxing!

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